Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can I take your order? Change in the industry

How is your life changing?
Kind of an interesting thing to think about, right? We don’t often notice the subtle, small changes that occur in our daily lives. Instead, we have a pretty major “wtf” moment when we look back on the past year or more of our lives.

On a more specific level, how is your job changing? What new roles or skills do you apply to an average workday that you never utilized before?

Todd Defren of PR-Squared just wrote a short post on the increase of customer service within a PR person’s role. Defren explains that with the rise of social media, a practitioner is more and more a “public relations counselor,” who oversees customer needs and responds directly (usually on a public medium, such as Twitter).

How interesting it is to think how social technology has not only affected the way in which we communicate, but also changed when there is even a need for communication. Going social means opening up that direct line of communication, and being open to more one-on-one interaction – even in a public domain.

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